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Liver Transplant

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What is liver transplant surgery?

Most patients requiring liver transplantation are cases with hepatic cirrhosis.
Recently, the view is recognized that patient with end stage hepatic cirrhosis and life expectancy below 1 year is candidate for liver transplantation and such patient is (or should be) recommended transplantation. Half of patients with such condition die secondary to the disease or complications.
Success rate is over 80% in liver transplantations which are performed in timely manner.

What are indications of Liver Transplant?
Some hereditary abnormalities, excessive use of alcohol and medication, cancer or viruses leading to hepatitis may induce irreversible damages in the liver. In this case, liver shrinks and hardens, and lumps with varying size develop, resulting in occurrence of cirrhosis. Cirrhosis can cause fatal results, including but not limited to bleeding, jaundice, ascites, infections and accumulation of toxic wastes in the body as well as coma. In the end, the only choice is liver transplant.Who can donate liver for liver transplant surgery?The liver is obtained from patients who are diagnosed with “brain death” in intensive care unit and have already donated organ(s).

What Is The Age Limit For Living Liver Donors?
The donor should be above 18 and below 55 years of age, and comorbidity is a contraindication for donation.

What Should The Recipients Avoid?
They should avoid from crowded areas and air pollution in general. They should stay away from smoking areas and from people with influenza infections. Hand-shaking and cheek kissing are not recommended.

How Will Liver Tumors in Recipients Affect The Outcome?
Recurrence risk is very low for tumors smaller than 3 cm in diameter. If the diameter of a particular tumor is above 5 cm or if the total diameter of more than one tumor is above 8 cm, transplantation cannot be carried out.If The Recipient Has Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C,

Does It Relapse In the Transplant Liver?
Hepatitis B will not relapse by 95% when immunoglobulins are used. Hepatitis C will relapse. However, it will cause problems in the liver in the very long term.
How Long Is It Necessary to Use Medications After Liver Transplant Surgery?Based on our up-to-date knowledge, it is required to use drugs for 10 years.

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