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It brings you together with the best hospital, the most talented doctor and the most effective treatment!

It offers a wide range of treatment options, from medical treatments such as oncology and liver transplantation to all kinds of dental treatments, from hair transplantation to facial and body aesthetics, with Turkey’s five thousand respected doctors and two hundred hospitals.

Allesta Health offers quality care and personalized perfect support through contracted organizations with tourism authorization certificates.

It offers the best treatments at the most affordable costs.

We listen to your questions throughout the entire process, from the moment you contact us to the completion of your treatment. With its expert team in the medical department, it brings you together with the best hospital, the most talented doctor and the most effective treatment. It allows you to return to your country with health and happiness.

Allesta Health Group

Our Treatments

Why Allesta?
Discover the Allesta Difference

– Allesta is Turkey’s reliable leading health tourism agency.
– Allesta offers the best treatment at the most affordable costs.
– Is extremely committed and respectful to the confidentiality of personal and medical information and ethical values.
– It works with contracted organizations that have a health tourism authorization certificate.
– It is with you at every step from the moment you contact us, from visa procedures, travel organizations, hospital and accommodation arrangements, language and cultural support services, in short, to the completion of your treatment, until you return to your country in health and happiness.

Allesta collaborates with a network of reputable doctors and accredited hospitals in Turkey. We carefully assess your requirements and connect you with the most suitable healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible treatment outcome.

From the moment you contact us until the completion of your treatment, Allesta provides expert support and guidance. We assist with appointment scheduling, travel arrangements, accommodation, language interpretation, and any other necessary arrangements to make your experience smooth and comfortable.

Yes, Allesta provides comprehensive support for international patients. We assist with travel arrangements, including airport transfers, and can help you find suitable accommodation options during your treatment period in Turkey.

Yes, Allesta provides post-treatment support to ensure your recovery goes smoothly. We offer follow-up consultations, assistance with medications, and guidance on post-treatment care instructions to help you achieve optimal results.

Our Medical Coordinators for Second Medical Opinion with Best Doctors and Your Treatments

Prof Dr. Mehmet Mustafa Can


Pharm. Derya Altuntoprak


Dr. Özgür Koldaş


Dr. Kamer Koldaş


Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Bekler


Why Turkey?

At Allesta Health Group, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance, ensuring that our patients receive the highest level of care and an enriching medical tourism experience.

Exceptional Healthcare Infrastructure

Turkey boasts a well-developed and advanced healthcare infrastructure that meets international standards. With advanced hospitals, specialized clinics, and cutting-edge technology, the country offers a comprehensive range of medical services. As Allesta Health Group, we work closely with esteemed healthcare providers in Turkey to ensure that our patients receive access to exceptional facilities and treatments that cater to their specific healthcare requirements.

Highly Qualified Medical Professionals

Turkey is home to a large number of highly qualified and skilled medical professionals. From renowned surgeons to specialized physicians, Turkey’s healthcare workforce is known for its expertise and commitment to delivering world-class care. As Allesta Health Group, we have established strong partnerships with these professionals, ensuring our clients receive personalized and top-quality treatment from the most skilled doctors in their fields.

Extensive Range of Medical Specialties

One of Turkey’s notable strengths in medical tourism lies in its extensive range of medical specialties. From complex surgeries to advanced treatments, patients can find specialized expertise in various fields, including oncology, organ transplantation, bariatrics, orthopedics, dental treatments, hair transplant, and cosmetic surgery. At Allesta Health Group, we offer a diverse portfolio of medical services, enabling our patients to access comprehensive care tailored to their unique needs.

Captivating Blend of Culture and Travel

Choosing Istanbul for medical treatments provides patients with not only exceptional healthcare but also a captivating cultural experience and unique travel opportunities. Istanbul’s rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture make it a fascinating destination to explore. We go beyond healthcare, curating holistic travel experiences for our clients, allowing them to immerse themselves in Istanbul’s diverse heritage and create cherished memories.


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